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component as a structural element as design requirements shift to simpler, more contemporary appearances.

Concrete has begun to be considered as much a finish This can be seen in both the commercial and residential markets, especially on projects such as decks.

Shamir Builders understands that pouring and finishing these elevated composite decks require attention to details that conventional, structural applications do not due to high level of finish needed to create just the right appearance. Through experience we know that close, ongoing communications with the customer and designers is paramount to delivering a successful finished component.

As in other concrete flatwork, customers can be assured that all quality-control measures will be discussed in advance and incorporated into the application process while keeping in mind the cost impacts created by these quality control measures.

Cutting-edge processes for concrete placement and finishing are always practiced first and foremost by Shamir Builders ensuring that the quality of the floor slab meets the customers expectations every time.


Concrete Decks Remodeling – before and after

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